The Story

I grew up in a beautiful, historic coastal town, south of Boston. We had the beach to run wild on, fresh water ponds to skate in winter, streams and rocks to explore, and a vast forest to get lost in.

Surrounded by beauty, I became passionate about the environment and conservation. Growing up in a place that has the oldest cemetery in the country w/ pilgrims John and Priscilla Alden and Captain Myles Standish, I became a lover of history. And, being a middle child, I became a good listener and empathic.

I started off with a job in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. My office overlooked the State House Dome and the Boston Common. Working in government gave me a good overview of civic life and politics. Yet, it was a less direct way of helping, and I decided to embark on another path by earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

In graduate school, I learned to be aware of my own dynamics so I could be of most help in the healing process. I assessed, provided education, and brought support to individuals and groups. Later, I would be my mom’s caregiver for 13 years splitting time between Massachusetts and Colorado.

I had other interests as well. I was, and am, a generalist, drawn to many directions.

At times, I would think of my grandfather, a copper plate engraver and master craftsman who raised nine children with skill and art during the Depression era. Or my grandmother who was a pianist and attended the New England Conservatory. Or my strong mom and aunts who dressed w/ flare, one of whom, Aunt Rita, who was the first window display designer for Roche Brothers grocery stores, or another, my Aunt Laurentine, who made the most glorious birthday cake roses.

I knew I had a creative force, too.

And then it happened. A friend would need a hug and I would have a vision, one that would weave all the elements of my broad experience together.

I would become an agent for wellness creating soothing creams. The use of essential oils would bring out the naturalist in me and be uplifting and beneficial to others. The products would be aesthetic, free of irritating ingredients. The business would be environmentally sustainable. I would bring high value at a reasonable cost.

And, that’s where it all began.